About Us


Company Profile

Chengdu Aman Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (AmanBio) is a company which is located in Cross-strait Mid&Small Sized Enterprise High Tech Zone of Chengdu. We are mainly engaged in R&D and sales of related compounds of new drugs, specialty pharmaceutical API, advanced intermediates, organic synthetic masonry, and high-end reagents, etc. We also provide services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, including the commissioned development of new drugs and generic drugs, the declaration of the improvement of production technology. The special services we provide include: the technical development of chiral drugs. AmanBio has supported many pharmaceutical and chemical applications around the world.

Our Main Research Fields

   Customer synthesis and structure modification of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

   The Design of Molecular Drug.

  Custom Synthesis and Manufacture

   Custom Synthesis is one of our main focuses. With our experience in the synthesis of the more than 5000 novel compounds that represent the broadest range of structures, our teams can synthesize any challenging target on a scale ranging from 1 g to tonnes quantities.

  Quality Control

   Strict quality control is implemented during the procedure from materials sourcing to product finished, which ensures conformity to international standard. Holding quality as our paramount policy, to make every delivered compound qualified and satisfied is our constant pursuit.

We have confidence and ability to help you develop the market and make remarkable achievements


   While enlarging production scale and improving product quality, we are also expanding our shares and promoting our brands for all over the world with our rich experience in international marketing and large support in various forms to our customers. We set up the conception as market-oriented and customer demand as our key concern. We implement to establish sole distribution system for our every market so as to achieve long-term stable market development.